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1and1 Rental is the owner of the www.thevillagersrental.com which is focuses on property based in the Villages, Florida. We provide professionally interior designed homes for renters who want a fully furnished home for low and high season renting. The Villagers Rentals website has only one mission and that is to provide people who want to rent in the Villages, Florida with a luxury home with all that is required for a pleasurable experience when in our area. We have a wide selection of rental homes that provide people who want to spend time in the Villages with a memorable experience. Our homes have many benefits by providing the renter with a interior designed home with rooms to relax them. Our homes also have added privacy, for less than the cost of traditional hotel accommodations. The Villagers Rentals makes it easy to book your home for the months you want in both the high and low season. The Villagers Rentals has a portfolio of fully furnished rental homes all located in the Villages, Florida.


Our websites permit our viewers to see all of the listed rental properties. Therefore, all our subscribers have great exposure to a large audience of people using our site. You can also advertise you site individually on our site. Our websites www.thevillagersrentals.com is the home showing website that allows viewers to see only your rental by entering a property # we provide you when you become a subscriber. This website page is your page. You can edit this page whenever you need to make changes.



Benefits to Renter's of www.thevillagersrentals.com. We are all about helping you find a rental home in the Villages, Florida


  • We want to find you the best rental home at a good price for your stay in the Villages, Florida
  • We want to make sure you have the best stay in the Villages as possible.
  • We want you to have all the things you will need to be comfortable and happy with your surroundings.
  • We want only Landlords who will be there for you if you have any issues at all with your rental home.


Benefits to Landlord's of www.thevillagersrentals.com. We are all about helping you market the renting of your home


  • We create a webpage for your listing and this is exclusive to only your home.
  • We create a photograph show of the pictures you email to us of your property.
  • We create a Availability page for all homes available for any Month. You must maintain this page if you request your home to be on this Availability listing by Month.
  • We have a Rental of the Week button which displays five homes. You can purchase space on this page to increase the visibility of your home if you have some months it is still available.
  • For a small fee, we email a list of 10 homes still available for high and low season months. This email is sent to our database each week on "The Villagers Rentals Weekly Newsletter".
  • We do everything possible to promote your home and its available through the programs listed above,
  • We will also assist you with creating individual emails with multiple pictures of your home which you can send out by yourself.
  • Your property listing is live with access 24 hours a day.
  • Managing your webpage property listing is easy. Just access by login in and editing your listing at any time.
  • You can display any number of photographs. Our subscriber fee includes 14 pictures. It is only $2 per additional picture to add any number.
  • Photographs are your property and you are only permitting us to use them on our site. We edit them and try to improve their sharpness as best we can with Adobe Photoshop.

See Terms and Conditions. You are agreeing to these terms automatically if you pay your subscriber fee and become a subscriber or our site listings.


Terms and Conditions


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