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Finding you a rental in The Villages, Florida” is what 1and1 Rental has as a mission. Finding a rental includes when is the best time to rent, how much you should expect to pay, and where to rent.


One thing you want to do before actually buying a home and moving to The Villages is to rent a home here for a few weeks or even a few months. We encourage you to take advantage of the Lifestyle Preview Program offered by The Villages. By trying all the different programs available it will give you a good idea if you might like living in the Villages year round.



Most Asked Questions

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When is the best time to rent?


The time from November through May is the busiest time of the year in The Villages. This is the what they call the high season of renting and during this time it is harder to find a rental. During this time the restaurants, country clubs, golf courses, and everything else are much more crowded than during this time period then in the summer and fall.


Many people visit the Villages with no plans of moving there until they see all that it has to offer. So if you plan to live in The Villages full-time in the future it is a good idea to rent first and to experience just what “crowded” means in the Villages. Crowed in the Villages is not really very crowded for many people from large cities. If you survey the residences of the Villages many do not think during the high season of January, February and March are that crowded.


Renting is the best way to check this out for yourself and the 1and1 Rental offers the best selection and prices for rents in the Villages. If you want the best idea of what the busy season is like, rent during the busy season. If you are currently living in a state with a cold winter, the Villages has very nice weather during the winter..


How much does it cost to rent a home in The Villages?

As you can imagine the price of rentals will vary, depending on the season. Basic supply and demand economics at work. Other things that are common sense but you should keep in mind is that the bigger the home and newer it is, the higher the monthly rental pricing.


Location is also a major factor in the rent. In general, the more centrally located the home is, or immediately near the town squares, the more you can expect to pay.


Below are some price ranges for a few of the home type in The Villages. This is just a guide.


2016 Patio Villa Rates
$2,600/Mo Jan
$2,600/Mo Feb
$2,600/Mo March
$2,100/Mo April
$2,000/Mo May
$1,200/Mo June
$1,200/Mo July
$1,200/Mo Aug
$1,600/Mo Sept
$1,900/Mo Oct
$2,600/Mo Nov
$2,600/Mo Dec


2016 Rates Designer Homes
$4,200/Mo Jan
$4,200/Mo Feb
$4,200/Mo March
$3,600/Mo April
$2,400/Mo May
$1,800/Mo June
$1,800/Mo July
$1,800/Mo Aug
$2,200/Mo Sept
$2,400/Mo Oct
$2,600/Mo Nov
$2,800/Mo Dec


Where should you rent?


The Villages is a very large place. This can make it that much harder to choose a rental. You might see a house you like that seems to fit all of your needs but if its far away from the places you’ll spend most of your time such as certain golf courses and the town squares. Remember, golf carts are used to travel from place to place.


One thing about location is that popularity of many locations is changing as the Village developer builds new communities and homes. Brownwood has become very popular and seems to be the choice of many who live in the Villages to spend time a night dance in the town square.


One thing you many want to think of is to rental a home which is centrally located. But if you preference of a golf courses you should rent near your preference. If your have a preference for a town square's then rent near that town square. We recommend that you rent the best home you can find.


1and1 Rental will help in all of this. Buying a map is a good idea. Looking at maps online just won’t cut it for this task. For $5 plus tax and shipping you can get a current map of The Villages from Banner Mercantile (352) 753-4676 or Market Square Mercantile (352) 753-2129.


Rental Options:


There are many places to look for The Villages Florida rentals but 1and1 Rental and the Villagers Rentals has become the favorite of many. We make it easy to focus your search on our websites. One our website the we present homes showing rentals where the owner is representing themselves (for rent by owner).


1and1 Rental - Vacation Rentals By Owner. Our sites are home rental websites where homeowners pay a fee to make their rental listings available to potential short and long-term tenants. Many renters in the Villages find their rental on our websites. We are focused on the Villages and finding you a good rental at a good price and in the area you want to spend your time in the Villages. 1and1 Rental brings together 1 homeowner and 1 renter.



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