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It you make a payment to list your property on our website you become our client and you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set out below in our Agreement governing the engagement of The Villagers Rental services. Florida Rentals The Villagers website is also owned by The Villagers Rentals and all the terms of this agreement apply for clients of both www.thevillagersrentals.com and floridarentalsthevillagers.com website.

This Agreement governs your acquisition and use of our Services. If you register and become a subscriber for our Services, this Agreement will govern our services.


Terms and Conditions


You may not access the Services if You are a direct competitor, except with our prior written consent. In addition, You may not access the Services for purposes of monitoring their availability, performance or functionality, or for any other benchmarking or competitive purposes. This Agreement is effective between You and Us as of the date of You accepting this Agreement.


If you are a user of this website, you agree to the Terms and Conditions which includes the terms of use.




Use of this website is authorized for prospective tenants (renters) and listing property owners of properties on this site.  No other use of this website, for any purpose is permitted.


Renters are responsible for investigating and evaluating the properties listed on this website. Renters agree to the term and connections of the site and The Villagers Rentals is not responsible for listing property owners and their actions. Renters agree to apply due diligence and to hold harmless The Villagers Rentals for any problems or issues with the listing property owners they rent homes from now or in the future.


Renters are urged to check the property ownership. County appraiser's sites are available for Lake County, Marion County, Sumter County for renters to verify the ownership of properties on this website.




All payments are made by credit card or by Paypal.

You can pay for the Service with VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS.



If you are in anyway dissatisfied with our service, please write to us, using one of the Forms on our web site and describe the problem. We will refund you the related fees.


Refunds will be processed in the form of a payment back to your credit card.


Limitation of Liability


1. The Villagers Rental's responsibilities are defined by, and restricted to, those items expressly defined in the Features on this website.


2. The Villagers Rentals assumes no responsibility for interruptions to the provision of The Villagers Rental Sites ("The Service") that is beyond its control, but will make reasonable efforts to resolve such problems.


3. The Villagers Rental. assumes no liability for the content (text, images, photos, contact information) input by Clients when their rental property on our site.


4. The Villagers Rental Sites will endeavor to provide The Service with minimal interruptions; however, the transmission, viewing and retrieval of information through our The Villagers Rental Site may be temporarily unavailable from time to time due to scheduled maintenance, telecommunications interruptions or other disruptions and The Villagers Rentals shall not be liable for such interruptions or unavailability.


5. The Client understands that The Villagers Rentals has made no guarantees as to the performance, success or return on investment of The Service.


6.The Client understands that they are solely responsible for ensuring that the Service meets their needs and complies with any local, regional or national rule, policy, regulation or law in relation to the client's business.


7. The Client understands that The Service may be modified or changed at anytime, by The Villagers Rental, to meet market needs. The Villagers Rentals will post updates and information regarding changes to The Service to the Client's account area.


8. All photographs provided by the Client become the property of the The Villagers Rentals once they are received. Client must provide only original photograph's which have no copyright protection by another individual or company.


Abuse of Services


We will monitor use of our system. Anyone using TheVillagersRentals.com expressly consents to such monitoring.

Improper use of the The Villagers Rentals service can result in the following:


a) A warning from The Villagers Rentals, via email or phone.

b) Temporary or Permanent disconnection of service.

For clarification or questions on these Terms and Conditions, please read the Terms of this Agreement, or contact us.




The Villagers Rentals works closely with all our clients to help ensure that the service and solution we provide meets our client's needs.


The Villagers Rentals does not provide content about a client's rental house.

It is SOLELY the responsibility of our clients to ensure that any content used in marketing activities complies with the various applicable and relevant federal laws and policies.

The Villagers Rentals does not represent itself as having any knowledge of regulatory issues faced by our various clients.


Our privacy policies define how we use and store our client's information. However, we do not gather, store nor solicit personal or confidential data from consumers other than their general contact details and home buying interests and intentions.



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