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The Information listed below pertains to the ID cards used in the Villages, Florida.  ID cards are used in many residential areas with these same type of policies.



The Villages IDs- Types of IDs for Renters


If you are renting a home you need to discuss ID options with the homeowner of the house, you are renting. Renters are eligible for either of two IDs. The ID will determine the level of access you will have to amenities during your stay in the Villages.


Type - Non-owner "Temporary" Resident IDs

This Non-owner, Temporary Resident ID provides full access to TV amenities. These are particularly beneficial to golf enthusiasts seeking to book tee-times during high-season as well as those intending to join groups and classes. As a renter you are entitled to up to two IDs per household. This ID is valid for the duration of the visit (up to three years). You will be required to pay a fee for this ID.


Type - Guest IDs


When renting as a group of three or more, "extra" guests can obtain Guest IDs.


Guest IDs provide access to select amenities and are issued without charge. During high season (Jan-Mar) renters with Guest IDs may be wait-listed for classes and events, giving priority access to residents and non-residents with temporary resident IDs.


Gate Cards


As a renter you need to ask the owner of the home you are renting for Gate Cards. Gate Cards permit renters to go about the community freely when going into a gated area. Your homeowner will provide the Gate Card. Homeowners obtain the gate cards from the District office in Lake Sumter Landing. If you lose the homeowners gate card you will be required to pay the fee to obtain a new gate card.


For full information regarding ID types, call 1-800-346-4556 (or locally 352-753-6691).


Temporary Resident ID Cards


Two Resident ID cards are issued for each home in the community. In order to obtain Temporary Resident ID Cards for your stay, two things need to happen.

1.The homeowner must surrender their (green) Photo ID Card.


2.The homeowner must fill out the "Temporary Resident ID Request form" and submit it to The Temporary Resident ID Department in the Spanish Springs Sales and Information Center located on the corner of Main St. and Paige Place. For more information, call 1-800-346-4556 (or locally 352-753-6691). This paperwork should be submitted 30 days prior to your arrival.


3. To make it easier for you we have attached a link to this form. Click here for form.

More information about IDs and Guest Passes

Information courtesy of the community's Temporary Resident ID Department


Processing fee is Non-refundable if temporary resident does not pick up IDs.


The $50.00 processing fee is non-refundable. If The Temporary ID Department is notified that the temporary resident will not need the IDs prior to their scheduled arrival date, we will be able to put a credit on hold for 1 year in the name of the person(s) that originally paid the fee.


How does an owner transfer use of their amenities to a renter or guest?


The owner would complete and sign the Temporary Resident ID request form, turn in all photo IDs issued for the address where they are requesting Temporary IDs and pay a $50.00 processing fee per each request form. This should be done 30 days prior to the Temporary Resident's arrival date. The owner IDs can be turned in at a later date provided they are turned in prior to the Temporary Residents arrival.


What is the difference between a guest pass and a temporary resident ID?


A temporary resident will have full resident member access to the amenities with resident rates. A guest pays guest rates for golf, tennis and other amenities. Without a resident number, the guest will not be able to request advance T-times. A guest will not have access to sports pools or the woodworking shop and may experience difficulty accessing some shows and classes that allow resident's entry first and then allow guests when there is available space.


How a Temporary Resident Can Obtain their IDs?


One of the temporary residents named on the ID card may pick up the IDs at the Lake Sumter Landing Sales Center. If the processing fee has not been paid in advance the temporary resident will be required to pay prior to receiving their IDs.


Can more than two people at a home have temporary resident IDs?


The Temporary ID Department will process up to two Temporary resident IDs for a property. Once they have picked up their IDs, the temporary resident may obtain guest passes free of charge for other guests. Guest passes are issued at one of the eight Regional Recreation Centers and are good for up to 30 days at a time.


The ID be extended if the temporary resident stays longer than the original departure date listed on the form?


The Temporary ID Department can process an extension at no charge if we are notified prior to the original IDs expiring. Once the IDs have expired they are closed out of the computer and there would be an additional $50 processing fee to make new IDs.


Can the temporary resident take advantage of the owner's priority membership or paid trail fees?


No, priority memberships and trail fees apply to the owner's resident number only. If desired, a longer term temporary resident can purchase their own priority membership or trail fees to be applied to their resident number.


The form should be mailed, faxed or e-mailed to the address below.


Attn: Temporary ID Department
1000 Lake Sumter Landing
The Villages, FL 36162

Phone: Local 352-753-6691 Toll Free: 800-346-4556
Fax: 352-751-7751


Verifying Home Ownership


The Villagers Rental website is designed for homeowners who want to rent their property. The homeowners perform all the issues to rent their home. Our company has nothing to do which any of your rental negotiations, contract and fees. If you want to verify that the homeowner is the actual owner of the home, you must to this research yourself. Ask the homeowner for the owner's full name and the exact address of the property you are going to rent. You can then use the links below to connect to the property appraiser's office to verify the ownership of the property you are renting.


These website linkes below all operate differently, so we have found the best way to search is by the street address.


The search results matching your criteria which will be shown with owner names on record with the county.


Sumter County,

Marion County,

Lake County


Contacting The Homeowner & Making an Offer


The Villagers Rental makes the homeowners information to the renter. We provide the homeowners phone numbers and we give you their email address for you to contact them.


We would ask you to no try to email a homeowner with a question about lowing the pricing of the rental. The rental prices of the homeowners are firm. If you send this type of email about the pricing, in most cases will not receive a reply.


Vacation Insurance


Renters many times have an emergency which causes you to void your trip. does not insure a renters trip who use our website or work with one of our homeowners who are renting there home. If you need insurance, you can find many services such as which will provide competitive insurance quotes to you. This insurance will protect a vacationer in the event of a health emergency. For additional sources for vacation insurance you should Google vacation insurance on the website.



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