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Listed below are the main areas of our website and instructions for the use of the website


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Use of our Property Listings Buttons as see how easy it is to find the home style and size of your dream vacation rental home. Choose from a wide selection.



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The Owner Logon, button is at the top of every webpage.




Rental of the Week Promotional Tool for High Exposure


Featured Rental of the Week. Contact us if your house is not moving quickly and for no fee we will feature your home on the "Rental of the Week". Your home must be available for all high season months to be listed in this promotion. Rental of the Week includes multiple homes which need more exposure. The featured rental of the week listed on the home page requires a small fee.



Using Login and Edit Pages

1and1 Rental website is designed so homeowner/subscribers can easy access and edit their web space from any computer. All you need is a internet connection. Your home listing is controlled by you and it is secured with password protections. All you do is login with your ID and password and edit your information any time from anywhere. Make changes anytime at your convenience.


The information for the entry process involves just "fill in the blanks" on the screen with question blocks and entering information which is ask regarding your property and the rental information you want to display on your individual listing page.
1. The first screen contains information about you, name, phone, cell, e-mail and other relevant information.
2. The second screen contains the detailed information about your rental property.

You can edit and change this information any time you want or have a modification to enter.


STEP 1, Homeowner/Subscriber Login

The login is This button is location on the left side of each webpage on the website except for webpages which have only a corporate information buttons. Go to the Owner Login in button and click it. You can the login ID and password blank blocks to enter this information. Type in your Login Name and Password, then click the "Owner Login" button



Please fill in information in the boxes provided. The First and Last names and the Phone Numbers will be used to make up your property listing. Be sure fill in your current E-Mail address as E-Mail from interested parties to you will be sent responses to your email address.
Your Last name will not show on the listing for security reasons. Your home address, city, state and zip are where you reside (not the rental) are not shown on the website but just so that I may contact you if necessary.

In the event that you do not wish to include your phone number, simply type the following into the telephone number area. When you are done click "Submit Owner Information" button.




To Edit or change data just click on the edit Listings button. When the screen appears you have all your information to edit or change.

Also on this edit page you will find boxes to click to enter features of your home. When you are done just click on the Submit Property Information button. The system only records your information if you click the button. If you do not click on this button Submit Property Information, no data will be saved.
Enter your home features and detailed descriptions.
In the detailed description box, limit your text to 20 lines maximum (include lines used to space between sentences in that count).

Please do not enter the numerical part of the street address into the listing. We ask this for security reasons.




Click on the boxes which show features of your property. Click on the features which apply to your home and the rental of your property. The Search feature scans the entries and will show your property if it meets the tenant's requirements. If you don't check these items, the search feature will not find your property.


STEP 5 Logging Out


Use the red LOGOUT button on the bar at the top left of the screen.


STEP 6 Always take the time to Review Your Work.


After you enter your data, go to our website and review your listing information.


We have a software people who edit your photographs to increase their sharpness. However, please take the best possible picture you can of your home and each room. The pictures are the most important part of your listing. We will use your photographs to create a slideshow and to provide individual pictures of each room of your home.
Your photographs will be send to us by email. The subject of the email must give the address of your rental home and your name.
We accept the following file types; .jpg, .bmp, and .png as well as photos that are embedded in emails.

Your photos must come to us as e-mail attachments or embedded in the emails.



You can make changes as often as you want to on your listing page. You must do a Refresh on your browser to see the changes. The Refresh/Reload button is normally at the top of the browser or with many browsers just right hand click on your mouse to have the menu display appear. You can also use the F5 key on your computer for this feature.


Always remember that If you are making changes, you must click the SUBMIT button after enter the changes.



Our website will give your rental house a great deal of exposure to potential renters who see our website from our search engine listings. However, if you want to you may wish to advertise, pointing Renters to your Photos to get the maximum benefit from having a web site. We suggest that you use classified advertising in local papers to point to your page on our website.



We have designed your individual webpage to have links to Google for a map of your location to your home.


Rentals by Property Types
Search Reference # All Property Listings Manufactured Home
Patio Villa Cottage Long Term
Carriage Villa Designer Home  
Courtyard Villa Premier Home  
Bungalow Unfurnished




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